We present to you a new way of cuisine that can only be experienced here with our abundant breakfast buffet of over 100 Japanese and Western options.



Indulge in our abundant breakfast selection of over 100 Japanese and Western options with local ingredients and seasonings. Our dishes are full of Hotel Vischio Kyoto's signature playfulness.

Saikyo Miso Gratin

Taste a new side of Kyoto with miso gratin that subtly incorporates taro and namafu (wheat gluten cakes) from long-established local shop Hanbey-fu with Kyoto mizuo' yuzu and white miso bechamel sauce.

Vegetable Burger

Soy meat, avocado dip, and tomato sandwiched between two buns and finished off with a refreshing, slightly spicy Kyoto pickle sauce (its secret ingredient).

Red Bean Paste & Butter Burger

Wonderfully smooth red bean paste made from Tamba Dainagon adzuki beans and fermented AOP butter from France sandwiched between two buns. Enjoy the great match of the savor deep and rich butter with no too sweet red bean paste.


Soft Kyoto-made tofu from Kyuzaya, a quality tofu maker. Season to taste with black bean ponzu and Kyotango no Taroshio salt.

Izutsu Soft Yatsuhashi

Unbaked yatsuhashi—a Kyoto specialty—from Izutsu Yatsuhashi Honpo, a sweets shop with a history of over 200 years. Relish its mochi-like texture along with adzuki bean paste using beans from Kyoto, as well as toppings like kinako powder, kuromitsu syrup, and soft serve.

live kitchen

With our live kitchen setup, you can indulge in cuisine freshly cooked before your very eyes by our skilled chefs.

Japanese Steak Onion Sauce

Japanese sirloin steak that will tantalise your taste buds with sizzling sounds and delicious smells before it even reaches your plate.

Sukiyaki Hot Pot

Wagyu beef simmered in stock with a perfect salty-sweet balance and topped with Kyoto's famous Kujo green onions. Tomatoes add just the right amount of refreshing acidity as the finishing touch. Enjoy this quintessential Japanese dish served in a piping hot ramekin.

Take advantage of our menu items, which can be enjoyed in a number of ways according to your tastes.



In this classic French home-cooked dish, flaky pie crust serves as a bowl for plenty of chicken and mushroom in a creamy sauce.


No heattreated Acacia honey that extracted from beeswax. Recommended for waffles and toast, as well as yogurt and cereals.

Seafood Rice Bowl

Four varieties of fresh seafood selected according to the current season. Enjoy them arranged on a bowl of warm rice with our original salty-sweet sauce, which includes a touch of fragrant yuzu.

Fresh & Dried Fruit

Five kinds of fresh seasonal fruit—a must for any breakfast—and dried fruits.

Parfait Cup

Create your very own parfait with two flavours of soft serve and a selection of seasonal fruits.

Restaurant information

Breakfast: 6:30 ~ 11:00
(last entry at 10:30)
Adult ¥3,500 
3-12years old ¥1,750
*Breakfast Buffet is free for under 2 years old.

  • *Prices shown include tax.
  • *Menu contents and ingredients-producing area may change by the stock.
  • *This photo is for illustrative purposes only.

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