PUBLIC BATHS / FITNESSFeaturing a fitness room, large and liberating public baths, and fully equipped saunas to help you unwind, relax and enjoy.

Publil baths/Fitness



The gentlemen’s section counts with a dry sauna room and a cold water bath, the ladies’ section counts with a mist sauna room.
The size of the public bath is 6m in length and 3m in width, with 16 washing areas, this liberating expansiveness will refresh weary guests tired from their journey.


Dry sauna room (available only in the men’s section)

Complete facility of dry sauna, which warms up guests’ bodies from within. A sense of liberating expansiveness felt in the dry sauna room facilitates the relaxing effect.


Mist sauna room(available only in the women’s section)

Complete facility of mist sauna, which generates warm mist. The high moisture in the sauna room is gentle to skin and hair.

PointThis may be appealing to women.

Original amenities

Original amenities produced by HAHONICO

Original amenities for Vischio produced by HAHONICO, a premium brand for hair salons that offers high-quality products for professional use. Its shampoo and hair treatment contain damage-care ingredients that ensure hair salon-like quality finish.


Nano-e hairdryer that keeps hair and scalp moist

The hotel has introduced high-spec hairdryers equipped with nano-e and double mineral. Fine nano-e particles penetrate into hair for moisture, ensuring stable hair styling.

Ultra-fine Mist

Ultra-fine Mist

A shower overflowing with ultra-fine bubbles... Once treated, the warm water from your bath will permeate your skin and keep it moisturized. You’ll feel the strong cleansing power of our ultra-fine bubble mixture in head treatments, scalp cleanses, and, of course, beautifying skincare.

The Women's guest room is adjacent to the Public bath area

The Women's guest room is adjacent to the Public bath area

Adjacent to the Public bath room, its location means easy access for female guests in their room wear and slippers, to be used only at the Women's guest room. This area is for female friend groups, groups of mother and daughter(s), and solo tourists wanting to enjoy their stay with a sense of security.

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Information about the Public baths

Location 2F
Hours 6:00-10:00、15:00-25:00
Notes - Self-service coin-operated laundry facilities (pay-service) and vending machines (pay-service) are available 24/7.
- Nightwear and slippers are available.
- Please bring your own towel from your room.


Free to hotel guests

Most advanced fitness equipment is available for guests, free of charge. Machines such as running machines and multiple other items, such as dumbbells with various weights are provided for guests to maintain and improve health and physical strength. May be helpful a solution for a sleepless night or jet lag.


List of equipment and facilities

List of equipment and facilities

  • Produced by Life Fitness
  • - Treadmill (running machine) 2
  • - Bike (recumbent type) 1
  • - Bike (upright type) 1
  • - Dumbbell set (2kg ~ 20kg)

Fitness room information

Location 2F
Hours 6:00-24:00
Notes ・The fitness room is only available for guests staying at the hotel. (Free of charge)
・Please bring your towel and shoes.
  • * Guests younger than 15 years may not use the fitness room equipment and facilities.
  • * No on site staff available