Information about Wi-Fi/Internet connection services

Free Wi-Fi service available at guest rooms, lounges, restaurants and other areas in the hotel.
LAN cable is available at the hotel front for use in the guest room.

Charges Free of charge
Maximum bandwidth Wi-Fi IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Wired connection Up to 1Gbps
Areas where Wi-Fi service is available All guest rooms/lobby/guest lounges/Restaurant “Vischio Garden”/coin laundry, etc.
  • How to use Wi-Fi service

Particular SSIDs are necessary for Wi-Fi connection. *SSIDs/passwords are available at the front.

  • Notes for users
  • The service may not be available depending on the types of personal computers, smart phones and their configurations.
  • The maximum communication speed may not be available depending external factors such as on the usage in the hotel building and failures of telecommunication lines. Please be advised of these points in advance.

* Please confirm the “Internet connection terms of use” upon use.

Internet connection terms of use.

  • Security measures shall be ensured at the users’ side, and the use of the Internet connection shall be determined on the judgment of responsibility of the user.
  • The service may be suspended without notice due to unavoidable circumstances related to the maintenance and other works of the telecommunications facilities.
  • Our Internet connection service shall not guarantee communication speed.
  • For security reasons, our Internet service may not be compatible with personal computers and/or software on the users’ side.
  • Users of our Internet connection service (“the Service”) may not be engaged in any of the following acts. In the event any of the following acts is identified, the Internet connection shall be suspended immediately.
    • “Sending spam mails, swapping files, any acts of violating others’ copy rights and/or other property rights, any acts that are contrary to public order or morality, any use that results in the violation of laws and regulations, and any use that results in the violation of this Terms of Use.”
  • The hotel shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by users and/or any third pasty(ies) in connection with the use or the Service.
  • In the event of excessive load on the Wi-Fi network resulting from a deliberate misuse by the user and/or the action of computer virus or smart phone applications on the user’s side may result in restricted use of the Service by means of bandwidth restriction or session restriction functions (the terminal device causing such overload shall be identified).
  • The connection and communication histories shall be recorded to facilitate the tracking of cyber crimes.
  • Users of the Service shall agree the following regarding the management, acquisition and use of personal information.
    • Such personal information shall be managed appropriated as coded in compliance with the guidelines set out by the government and other codes.
    • Any personal information shall be acquired appropriately and as the purpose of use is clarified.
    • (Purpose of use)

    • Facilitation of cyber crime tracking.
    • Personal information shall be submitted together with authentication records to the judicial body on a request to cooperate crime investigations.
  • Users of the Service shall agree the following regarding the management, acquisition, use and submission of authentication records.
    • The Service acquires authentication histories as follows.
      • Date of connections
      • Number of connections
      • Connection location information
    • Purpose of use
      • Acquired connection histories shall be used for the provision of the Service, prevention of misuses, system maintenance and improvement of relevant operations.
      • Processed data tabulation shall be performed to measure the effectiveness of the Service and analyze usage trends.
      • Information shall be submitted to the judicial body on a request to cooperate crime investigations.


  • About email
    Users may send and receive emails via his/her ISPs by using the environment as is, but some functions may not be used under the security protection provided by the ISP, or the configuration at the access point may need to be changed. Please contact your ISPs for more details. No SMTP or POP servers are provided in the Service.
  • About Internet VPN (*1)
    Email may not be sent or received depending on the configuration of users’ personal computers or server functions. For solutions to these issues, please contact system administrators at work. No global IP address available for lent in the Service.

    (*1) VPN (Virtual Private Network) refers to a private network created via the Internet.It is commonly used in internal servers.