FAQListed below are questions frequently asked by our guests.


May I arrive at the hotel late in the evening? Is there a curfew?
There is no curfew. 
The hotel’s entrance is locked between 1:00 and 6:00 for security reasons. 
Hotel guests can unlock the entrance during these hours by using the room key. If you forgot to bring your room key with you, please call us by the inter phone. 
If you are checking in later than the notified check-in time, please let us know of such change.
What are check-in and check-out times?
Our check-in time is 15:00, check-out time is 11:00
May I make payments in advance?
You can choose from the following for making payments. 
- Payment by bank transfers
- Payment upon visiting (cash, credit cards)
In case no advance payment is confirmed before the arrival day, we shall ask you to make payments when checking in.
Are credit cards, such as VISA, JCB, accepted?
VISA, JCB, and other credit cards are accepted.
Is there a waiting list if the hotel is fully booked?
We do not have a waiting list.
When do cancellation charges apply?
Cancellation charges shall be deducted as below in accordance with our accommodation policies. 

Cancellation on one day before check-in day: 20% of accommodation fee
Cancellation on check-in day: 80% of accommodation fee
No show/no contact: 100% of accommodation fee
*Cancellation charges vary depending on the accommodation plan. Please make sure to check these policies for each plan.
I would like to send our luggages to the hotel before arrival.

We will keep your luggages until your arrival. 
* Please make sure to enter “check-in/check-out dates” and “guest’s name” on the shipping slip and send your baggages to the address below. 
44-1, Kamitonoda-cho, Higashikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 601-8002
Hotel Visciho Kyoto (Front Desk)
TEL: 81-(0)-75-280-1111 (switchboard number)
You can pick up your luggage at the front desk upon arrival. 
However, please be advised that we would not accept your luggages in any of the following cases. 
- Luggages sent cash on delivery
- Items that need to be refrigerated or frozen (those that necessitate temperature and/or moisture control)
- Valuables, fragile items, hazardous materials, important documents, items that may decay easily
- Baggages that do not carry the guest’s name or those for which the reservation cannot be confirmed
Is luggage storage service available before check-in or after check-out?
We will keep hotel guests’ luggages.
Is luggage attendant available on our way from Kyoto Station to the hotel?
No such services are available. 
There are paid delivery services providers nearby, so click here for the details. 
Carry Service (JR Kyoto Station Central Exit)
Delivery Service (JR Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit)
May I make detailed requests, such as the floor and the location of the room for my stay?
No such requests shall be accepted.
May I check in early or check out late?
Early check-in and late check-out services are available for an additional fee. 
Depending on room availability, it may not be possible to offer these services. Please make sure to let us know beforehand.
May I share a bed with my child? If so, until what age with how many children? Is there an additional charge?
Children under elementary school age can share a bed free of charge. Please be reminded that only one child is allowed to share per adult. 
If you wish to stay with bed-sharing infants, please inform us at the time of booking.
What items are available for lending?
Nail clipper, clinical thermometer, mobile phone battery charger, desk lump, baby bed, blanket, wheelchair, electric iron, ironing board, and trouser press are available for lending.
Is a bed fitted with bed rails available?
No, we do not have any beds that are pre-fitted with bed rails nor do we lend any such equipment.
Is baby bed available?
Baby beds are available for lending. 
There may be times when baby beds are unavailable due to the limited number. It may also be impossible to use a crib in some of the rooms because of space restrictions. 
Please inquire in advance.
Storage of valuables
Please store your valuables in the safety deposit box provided in each guest room.
Are there smoking rooms available?
All rooms are non-smoking. Smoking booths are available on the 1st and 2nd floors.


Are the dishes taken away from the buffet once last order is announced?
Last order is at 9:30, and the restaurant closes at 10:00. Depending on the situation in the restaurant, we usually begin taking the dishes away as last order is announced.
Are strollers allowed into the restaurant?
May I order meals that exclude certain ingredients because of allergies or religious restrictions?
On the seven specified ingredients ... (Milk, egg, wheat, buckwheat, peanut, shrimp, crab)

[Breakfast] We will explain which dishes use which of these ingredients, so please ask restaurant staff. 
* Please note that we can not provide any explanation regarding allergic ingredients other than these seven, as the suppliers are only obliged to label these seven ingredients and there is no way we can check the contents of these other ingredients. 
* We check allergic substances included in ingredients used for dishes provided in the restaurant based on the information from the manufacturers and suppliers. 

[Dinner] We will do our best to provide non-allergic dishes by substituting ingredients. As we need advance preparations for serving such dishes, please consult us as beforehand. 
* We may not respond to requests from guests with serious allergic reactions and/or those who are allergic to many ingredients. We may also not respond to requests for non-allergic dishes if we are not consulted beforehand.
Is there a dress code?
Although there is no specific dress code, we do not allow athletic-style shirts, sleeveless tops, sandals, or slippers.
Is there a smoking section?
All rooms are non-smoking. A smoking booth is available next to the front desk.


Are there vending machines and ice makers?
Vending machines are located on the 2nd floor. 
Ice makers available at the following locations. 
2F: Vending machine corner
3F ~ 9F: Elevator hall
Is there a coin laundry?
Coin laundry facilities (paid) are on the second floor. Money exchange services are available at the front desk.
Is there a fitness room?
Hotel guests can use the fitness room on the second floor, free of charge during their stay. 
Open hours: 6:00 ~ 24:00
Are there banquet halls or conference rooms available?
No, we do not have any such facilities.
Is there a large communal bath?
Hotel guests can use the large communal baths on the second floor, free of charge during their stay. 
[Open hours] 15:00~25:00, 6:00~10:00
Guests can walk to the large communal bath in their room wear and slippers. Please bring your room key and towel from your room.
Are laundry services available?
Available for extra charges. 
Please find the laundry order form and bring it to the front desk as filled out by 10am. 
The laundry shall be complete in the evening of that day or later. 
The laundry service is unavailable on Sundays and during the year-end/new-year period. Please contact hotel front staff for more details..
Is it possible to connect to the Internet?
High-speed Wi-Fi Internet is available at all guest rooms.
Do you offer room service for meals?
Is microwave oven available for use?
Is there a bank or ATM in or near the hotel?
There are no banks or ATMs on the hotel premises. 
For information about nearby banks and ATMs, please inquire at the front desk.
Is there a convenience store nearby?
There is a convenience store open 24 hours a day only a minute on foot from the hotel.
Is parking available at the hotel?
The hotel does not have parking facilities for its guests, so please find contracted parking spaces nearby. 
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