Special Offers for Dining & Bar at Hotel GRANVIA Kyoto

Hotel GRANVIA Kyoto

10 minutes from
Hotel VISCHIO Kyoto


Special Offers

We have the voucher that is available at Hotel Granvia Kyoto, 
during your entire stay at Hotel VISCHIO Kyoto. 

Please ask our Hotel VISCHIO Kyoto front desk clerk for the details.

M3F Japanese "Ukihashi"
◆ SUSHI & Kyoto Kuroge Wagyu Beef SUKIYAKI COURSE
You can enjoy Kyoto Kuroge Wagyu beef Sukiyaki, Sushi, and Tempura.
¥16,500 >>> ¥15,000 per Guest


When Spending ¥5,000 or more per Guest
>>> ¥1,000 OFF per Guest

2F All Day Dining "Le Temps"
◆ Buffet
All-you-can-eat variety of dishes and desserts made with seasonal ingredients.
You can enjoy Japanese sake and wine, carefully selected by our sommelier and sake master,to match your dishes.
・Lunch Buffet
>>> ¥1,000 OFF per Guest (Adult only)
・Dinner Buffet
>>> ¥1,500 OFF per Guest (Adult only)

◆ Lunch & Dinner Discount Voucher
When Spending ¥5,000 or more per Guest
>>> ¥1,000 OFF per Guest
at the restaurants listed below.
15F View & Dining "Cotociel"
15F Teppan-yaki "Gozanbo"
2F Lobby Lounge "Grand Jour"

* Please present the voucher to a staff member when you enter the restaurant.
* The voucher cannot be used in combination with other discounts or special offers.
* The voucher is not exchangeable for cash, and no refunds or reissues can be offered once it has been redeemed.
* The voucher cannot be reissued if lost, stolen, or damaged.
* Some menu items are not applicable for discounts. For more information, please inquire at each restaurant.



2F All Day Dining "Le Temps"
You have the option to choose from a variety of dining styles, including buffet, à la carte, and a café menu.
The spacious area boasts a modern classic design that invites you to enjoy a leisurely and satisfying meal.

M3F Japanese "Ukihashi"
Although the interior of the restaurant features contemporary design, it offers authentic Japanese cuisine with options for both set courses and à la carte options.

15F View & Dining "Cotociel"
The concept behind this stunning restaurant is Kyo-Cuisine, created by combining French cuisine Italian and other European techniques and ingredients with the delicious essence of Kyoto.
Enjoy a spectacular view of the Kyoto as you dine in an elegant atmosphere.

15F Teppan-yaki "Gozanbo"
Teppanyaki Gozanbo serves exquisite Japanese beef and seafood, using only the freshest seasonal ingredients.
Our skilled chefs prepare everything before your eyes as you take in the breathtaking mountain views.

6F Private Dining ”Shiokoji Rakusui”
you can enjoy to dishes prepared according to your requests In a private rooms with a Kyoto atmosphere, that requires reservations.

M3F Kyokaiseki Minokichi "Takeshigero”
A sister restaurant to Minokichi, a kaiseki restaurant with a history of over 300 years.
Savor traditional Kyoto cuisine, which incorporates the changing seasons and is served with genuine hospitality.

M3F Tempura "Kyorinsen”
A sister restaurant to Minokichi, a established restaurant in Kyoto with a history of over 100 years.
You can enjoy Kyoto-style tempura of the seasonality and unique flavors of the ingredients.

15F Chinese "Roppongi Rogairo”
Enjoy the rich flavor and satisfying Chinese cuisine along with sophisticated hospitality.
We also have a dining room with a panoramic view of Kyoto, and private rooms suitable for group meals.

2F Lobby Lounge "Grand Jour”
The lobby lounge is open and spacious, with natural light pouring in through large glass windows.
Enjoy seasonal sweets along with carefully selected drinks.

2F Main Bar "Orbite"
A bar that lets you forget the hustle and bustle of the city.
Cocktails created by the expert skills of our bartenders and carefully selected alcoholic drinks invite you to a blissful moment.


* Prices are inclusive of tax and 10% service charge. (No service charge for buffet dining.)
This photo is for illustrative purposes only.